Friday, May 9, 2008

Dare to Dream Kit

I have made the kit especially for everyone who have the courage to dream and to make it all come true.

I remembered when my husband and I were just starting out in our business. It was difficult, we spent long hours (we still do) but we persevered.

My admiration also goes to all the mothers out there who had single-handedly raised their children and had the foresight to see into the future and make it better for them.


Which is the best example to follow?

Dov Beer of Mezeritch was asked:

‘Which is the best example to follow? That of the pious man who dedicates his life to God without ever asking why, or that of the erudite man, who tries to understand the will of the Almighty?’

‘The best example to follow is that of the child,’ replied Dov Beer.

‘But a child knows nothing. It doesn’t even understand what reality is!’ was the general response.

‘There you are much mistaken, because the child has four qualities that we should never forget. A child is always happy for no reason. A child is always busy. When a child wants something, he or she shows great persistence and determination in demanding that thing. Lastly, a child is always very quick to stop crying.’

Have faith....! It is going to get better.... :o)


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