Can Graphic Files Be Infected by a Virus?

Subject: 3. Can graphics files be infected with a virus?

For most types of graphics file formats currently available the answer is "no". A virus (or worm, Trojan horse, and so forth) is fundamentally a collection of code (that is, a program) that contains instructions which are executed by a CPU. Most graphics files, however, contain only static data and no executable code.

The code that reads, writes, and displays graphics data is found in translation and display programs and not in the graphics files themselves. If reading or writing a graphics file caused asystem malfunction is it most likely the fault of the program reading the file and not of the graphics file data itself.

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This is a response from a person who told me she got virus from downloading my kits which are mostly .png and .jpg files. Please be assured that I had been sharing my kits since April 2008 and had never encountered a problem regarding any infected files.

My system has the latest McAfee Security System and all my files are automatically scanned EVERYDAY for viruses,malawares,Trojans and the likes. 

For your protection, after downloading ANY files in the internet, SCAN the file FIRST before extracting any .rar or .zip file. For scanning files, use your Anti-Virus Protection Software such as Mcaffee, Norton, Avast, among others.